something is better than nothing!

We’re all living longer lives now, which is great news for everyone! Add to this the fact that we enjoy a younger outlook on life well into our 60s, 70s and even 80s and you will understand why Live Active Leisure has prioritised the wellbeing of our older community. We want to ensure that those extra years in retirement can be enjoyed independently and with a great quality of life and health.

Older people enjoy all the same active lifestyle benefits as their younger counterparts but will also find that they could:

• Remain living at home independently for longer
• Make new friendships and have a better sense of belonging
• Stay pain free and have reduced risk of falls and slips
• Reduce the limitations often experienced in later life – exercise helps people stay active in all aspects of their life.
• Have a support network around them to help with other age related challenges

In our classes and supported groups we include weight bearing activities and activities that work on balance and flexibility – these are all aimed at providing 150 minutes of exercise each week.

Looking for support?

We offer a full range of fitness and wellbeing classes that are suitable for everyone. If you are already active don’t shy away from trying something new. There are so many choices. If you are not at all active, and are looking for a gentle introduction to activity, there will be a venue or community class suitable for you. What is great about most of them is that they also offer an excellent social opportunity. You can also get one to one support if you have health concerns.

We have staff dedicated to offering additional support for our Wellbeing programmes, but if you are inactive and are looking for some help contact the Active Community Team on 01738 454650.

Physical Activity Guidelines
The guides below provide an excellent source of information on keeping active: 

•     pdf Adults (65+ years) (174 KB)