Get Personal... Our highly qualified staff are always here to help

The personal touch that's needed to help you exceed goals, improve fitness, lose weight and most importantly, feel better about yourself!

Fitness Reviews and Personal Programmes are a great way to kick start your fitness routine, train for an event or challenge or simply to seek guidance and support. Our Fitness Review or Personal Programme, will give you the chance to have a 1:1 session with our qualified Live Active instructors who will help you to reach your fitness goals.

What to expect from a Fitness Review?

We will carry out an assessment of your fitness levels by measuring your body composition, blood pressure, resting heart rate, waist to hip ratio, strength, peak flow and aerobic capacity. After this you will receive an easy to read report created with the Fitech Fitness Software that will enable you to understand your fitness programme needs.

Cost: £15.35 (Book a Personal Programme directly after your Fitness Review and get it it half price)

Fitness Reviews are available at:

Live Active Blairgowrie

What to expect from a Personal Programme?

Our friendly and qualified instructors will design a personal fitness programme that is right for you. Your initial consultation will assess your current fitness and define your fitness goals, then we will design a fitness programme. We will then design a fitness programme specifically for you before giving you the opportunity to try the programme with your instructor there for support.

Cost: £15.35 (Book in for a second session and get it half price)

Personal Programmes are available at:

Live Active Blairgowrie