Women should be active for 150 minutes per week

For various reasons less women participate in physical activity than men at all ages. Combined with the knowledge that women have a greater risk of mental health issues and some serious physical health issues, and you will understand why we have prioritised women as a wellbeing group and worked hard to provide additional support to help close this gap in our own community.

All women can benefit:

• Before, during and after pregnancy women will benefit from maintaining a healthy weight
• Exercise can help women lower the risk of developing long term conditions such as cancer, Type II diabetes and high blood pressure
• An active lifestyle can help improve mental health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety
• An active lifestyle helps improve your sleep pattern and promotes a better quality of rest
• Feeling good about yourself mentally and physically is not only important for your own wellbeing but also that of your family
• It's a great reason to get together with a group of friends or work colleagues, enjoy a game of badminton or go for a swim then relax in the Health Suite

We would like to help the women of Perth and Kinross enjoy the benefits of an active life and set inspiring examples for the next generation of girls.

Looking for further support?

If you have never been to a fitness class before or want to take it a bit easier, then our Wellbeing classes and Fitness classes tagged with ‘Just Getting Started’ are just the thing.

These classes are great fun and specifically designed for adults who need a helping hand to get started or are looking for a great social opportunity. Lots of our classes have a range of options to take you from beginner to intermediate in no time. Plus our fitness instructors are always on hand to offer advice to help get you started. Remember also that there are lots of things to do with the kids too. Getting active can be a family affair.

Look for this icon which are Just Getting Started classes 

Physical Activity Guidelines
The guides below provide an excellent source of information on getting your child active: 

•    pdf Adults (19 to 64 years) (190 KB)