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Back To Class | What To Expect On Your Return


I had the intro to this article all written in my head  just a couple of weeks ago when I started to plan my return to fitness classes. ‘As we ease out of lockdown….’ it was meant to begin.  And then of course we were all told to take a step back and rethink our daily lives once again.

I ...

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Lockdown Two : How’s Your Motivation?


Looking through social media, it is apparent that we’re all finding Lockdown 2.0 decidedly tougher than first time round. A bit like The Hangover or Grease, the sequel just isn’t bringing the same good-time vibes as first time round.  

Gone are afternoons baking sourdough and doing yoga on the ...

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Welcome Back


As I type, our teams across Perth and Kinross are busy filling sanitiser stations and wiping down rowing machines for your return to our venues on Monday 26th April. We're all beyond excited to be opening the doors and welcoming you back in – it has been far, far too long!

We know you’re all desperate to get ...

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How To Combat Stress


I think its fair to say that 2020 / 21 will go down as one of the most stressful years in our collective history.  Maybe you were a frontline worker, or perhaps you had to juggle home schooling and a full-time job, or deal with the isolation of living alone. 

Whatever your circumstances, there were very...

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How to Break and Make Habits


As we ease out of lockdown and back into real life many of us are finding that our pre-covid habits - think exercise routines and walks to work - have been replaced by lockdown habits. Think Netflix and wine! 

Sometimes, even when the will is there, getting back on track with the things you know make you fee...

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Come On Arlene!


With classes now reopen (HOORAY!) we can all begin to think about mixing it up and adding a Body Attack, Core Stability or Spin Session back into our exercise routine. With this in mind, we thought we’d catch up with one of LAL’s longest-standing physical activity instructors for some post-lockdown motivation!

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Customer Spotlight | Vicki Leaver


Vicki Leaver has been a regular user of LAL since she took part pay as you go Zumba classes back in 2011 – that’s a decade of classes, gym sessions, swimming with the kids and soft play at Bell’s Sports Centre!Vicki Leaver has been a regular user of LAL since she took part pay as you go Zumba classes back in 2011 ...

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Arlene For Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia


Regular readers of our blog may remember we posted a few weeks ago about Arlene McWalter, one of our long-standing instructors.  In what started as a quick chat about classes reopening, Arelene casually mentioned she was training for an ironman to celebrate her upcoming 50th birthday!

But this isn’t just a...

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Super Charge Your Resolutions!

January; a time of motivation, energy and resolution.  Across Perth and Kinross there are people from all walks of life promising thems...

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Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond

As the area’s only sports and fitness Trust, here at LAL we take our role very seriously! We are entrusted with providing facilities and s...

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Active Schools is a national programme which sees sportscotland working in partnership with all 32 local authorities to invest in and suppor...

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With the school holidays kicking things off, we thought it was time we spoke about Live Active Energy!  Who better to fill us in than B...

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Let's Have An Adventure!

Helping you keep the kids happy, active and amused has been part of LAL’s local summer holiday promise in Perth and Kinross for over twent...

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VIRTUAL SURGERY #5 Your Mental Wellbeing Questions Answered

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much to those of you who emailed us with questions around using exercise to improve or maintain your mental health.&...

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Couch To 5K... And Beyond : Running For Your Mental Health

Can running make you happy? Not the way I do it is my immediate reaction! However, we are all beginning to realise that looking after your m...

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Mental Health & Exercise - How Can We help Your Wellbeing?

With Mental Health Awareness Week (8th to 14th May) approaching it’s an ideal time to take stock of your overall wellbeing.  Ensuring...

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VIRTUAL SURGERY #4 - Your Membership Questions Answered

Hi Everyone, Thanks so much to those of you who emailed us with questions surrounding LAL membership. Do remember to ask the LAL team membe...

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