As the area’s only sports and fitness Trust, here at LAL we take our role very seriously! We are entrusted with providing facilities and services that will enhance the wellbeing of our local community residents at all stages of their lives and so it will come as little surprise to discover that one of our key focus areas is ‘Bump, Birth, Baby and Beyond’ - a life changing run of words if we ever saw one!  If you - or someone you know - are expecting a baby, or if you're a new parent then read on!

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A little exercise can help pregnant women feel more energised and this is particularly true for women who are used to keeping fit.  In addition to improved muscle tone, strength and endurance, regular exercise will also help pregnant women sleep better, keep mentally well and reduce the anxiety and stress that is a natural part of having a baby.

Although full-on aerobic exercise isn’t suitable for month 9, mums-to-be can enjoy the majority of classes throughout their pregnancy.  The suitability of each activity will depend on individual circumstances and so we do recommended that women contact our fitness team (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or speak to their usual instructor who will be delighted to offer various options to help them keep going as long as they are comfortable.

TRY: Aqua-natal classes have been designed especially for pregnant women and are a great way to keep fit and to meet other mums-to-be.  Available at Perth Leisure Pool on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am.

Quite simply, being fit and active can make dealing with the physical and mental stress of labour more manageable.   Jane Wake, a leading ante-natal fitness expert has conducted research which shows that that women who exercise little and often – 30 minutes three to five times a week - tend to have easier births, shorter labours and quicker recovery times. They also tend to be more confident about their bodies and the whole birthing process.  

TRY: The 'talk test' while working out. "You should be able to talk comfortably throughout your exercise," explains Jane.

Many of our 600+ employees are parents themselves so we know only too well that leaving a new baby at home in order to exercise is a tough choice for a parent make. That’s why we encourage our local mums (and dads!) to ease in gently with our award-winning buggy walks;  great exercise and the chance to socialise with other new parents can take place all whilst growing the bond with baby.

When ready, new mums can step back into their usual class where they’ll find experienced LAL instructors on hand to offer options and get them back to pre-baby fitness levels.

TRY:  Gentle aerobics classes are available in most areas - remember, if you are new to exercise it is recommended that you speak to your doctor, health visitor or midwife before undertaking any new exercise.

Once your baby reaches 18 months old, we hope to help them on their path to an active life!  Active Steps offers fun activities for children aged 18 months+ including wee springers, bouncearound, kickabout and allstars.

It’s important to us here at Live Active Leisure that the people living in the communities we serve know about all of our products and services. We’d love for you to share this blog with any crèches, nurseries, schools or other parent and family focused groups.