bellsaction2695-a-side football is the most popular sporting activity in the UK and with courts available in our sportshalls across Perthshire and Kinross we thought we'd give you some top tips on getting in shape.

1. The Warm-Up

Fives is a game that brings many directional changes and fast, intense movements, and we cannot emphasie enough to you, just how important a thorough warm-up is - you need to be thinking around the 15 minute mark. Try to incorporate dynamic movements like lunges and quick sprints as you really want to be replicating the movements you'll be performing in game.  These videos from Baller on You Tube are great for ideas >>>

2. The Speed Exercise

Rather than long runs 5-a-side is all about 1-10 metre sprints over and over and over again. The best way to prep for this is to hot the gym and set your treadmill to a 3% incline as fast as you can go, and then sprinting for 10 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds and repeat 10 times. Check out our gym programmes here >>>

3. The Upper Body And Core Exercise

If you're serious about your football, then a solid mix of core and upper body strength is the way to go.  This is why pro footballers have that lean, balanced look. Instead of deadlifts and bench pressing, try some simple press-up rotation exercises that works both your chest and your abs simultaneously, like the one in the video below.


You may also want to try one of the Core Stability Classes - check out the programme here >>>

4. The Leg Exercises

Ther are two great techniques for legs which will have you ready for an hour of fives in no time!

Try a multi-directional lunge, an exercise that helps strengthen your glutes and quads, as well as the joints in your knees and ankles.

To perform the lunge, imagine you are standing against a clock face. Start by lunging  with your right leg towards the 12, then back again. Then lunge to the 1 and back again, going all the way down to the 6. Then swap to your left leg and go from the 6 all the way back up to the 12. Do this for threes sets, with 30 seconds rest in between each set. 

 Plyometric box jumps work by lessening the impact on your joints, and improving your core and leg strength at the same time. Start with 4-5 sets of 10-12 box jumps. These can either be performed at the gym on specific boxes, or on a ledge outside

5. The All Body Exercise

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way to go for all round fitness - try HIIT Power, HIIT, GRIT or Meta Fit for maximum impact!

If you'd like to talk one-to-one about your fitness levels or fitness goals, then why not book in for a session with a LAL personal trainer? More here >>>