First things first - Just what is the difference between Table Tennis and Ping Pong?  Well, after much research and many explanations involving how many times the ball bounces, the depth of the paddles and the diameter of the ball we can tell you it's... basically NOTHING.  Ping-pong is the popular name for the game that you might play with your mates for a bit of fun. The serious contenders who play as a sport call it Table-Tennis - and will usually be the ones serving the ball at great and impressive speed. 

However, whatever level you're playing at, you can always brush up on your game with these top tips.  If you'd like some additional help then why not check out the Saints Table Tennis Club who play at Bell's Sports Centre every Thursday? There are two sessions - 2pm - 3.30pm and 7pm - 9pm - and both are open to players of all ages and all abilities. There are no membership fees and all equipment is provided - simply turn up with a pal, your entire family or just yourself! For more information click over to follow them on Facebook.

FUN FACT: Saints Table Tennis club is so named because it started life at the Saints Supporters Club in 1974! 


  • Find some cool serves to experiment with - not only is it a lot of fun trying different techniques but it also keeps your opponent guessing!

  • Go in for the attack! It has been proven that the player to go in for the big moves most often wins point, set, and match.
  • Keep your eyes on the opponent's paddle as well as the ball when receiving a serve. If you have ever seen World Champions play, you will notice they have a quick glimpse at how high the ball is tossed, then it's eyes back to the paddle to gain a true idea of direction
  • Mix up your returns when receiving - try out loops, drives, pushes, chops and you'll find you have yourself a great game and a bewildered opponent.

  • The best players have a good mix of both forehand and backhand moves to keep their opponents on their toes.  Practice yours at your local LAL sportshall or try joining a local club for some extra coaching.  You'll be smashing that ball in no time!