Hi Everyone,

fitclub019When it comes to our own personal fitness, health and general wellbeing, this time of year can be a little like January.  The nights are lighter, yes, and the temperatures are at least a few degrees higher, but that niggle at the back of our heads is the same.  We start to think about summer holidays and vest tops and the need to peel off that extra layer of body that winter brought!  Or for the fitness enthusiasts out there, it’s time to start that marathon training or pick up on the bike rides as race season looms closer.

Whatever your motivation, as daylight pours through our windows until almost 9pm, more of us are promoted into getting up from the couch and venturing back into our active selves.  As a sports and fitness trust we would like to help you do just that – BUT, maybe this time we can encourage you to keep it going once the clocks go back again! 

A Live Active Membership can help you make you most out of your fitness and sports regimes, offer lots of fantastic extras to keep you motivated and see you through the winter months when the sun has gone down and the temperatures have dipped back below zero.   

Happy Exercising! 

Karen Nichol


Let’s be honest here – there are other providers out there. We know this. What we also know is that we’ve been doing this a LONG time and we’ve built up clear pictures of what our customers want and need.  We’re not the cheapest, we’re not ones for jumping on a trendy bandwagon, we’re not even going to sell you miracle weightloss powder to go along with your burpees.  We’re quite simply going to promise you this:

  • We will offer good value for money
  • We are here whenever you need help
  • We make getting active easier
  • We want your experience to be great

So what does that mean? And how does it stack up against other providers?

We will offer good value for money

First up, your membership gives you access to 11 fitness venues, 5 pools and hundreds of classes each and every week. We know, that realistically you’ll only use two or three of these on a regular basis (and in some cases, one) but if you think about the bigger picture you will begin to see that with such a sizeable operation we can afford to look at some of the best options in the fitness industry. This means that

  • your instructors are trained to the highest standard.
  • We can work with industry leaders such as Les Mills – we currently have the most extensive offer of Les Mills branded classes in the area.
  • We have dedicated experts looking into fitness and sports trends and assessing which ones will benefit you most – we want all of our classes to enjoy the results and staying power of a spin class!
  • Our Trust status allows us to apply for funding opportunities to facilitate spend such as upgrades to equipment – think Rodney’s state-of-the-art gym! - and programmes for the most vulnerable people in our communities.
  • Our not-for-profit status means every penny of profit we make goes back into the venues and staff rather than shareholders pockets.

We are here whenever you need help

  • Our classes, programmes and initiatives are designed to cover you and your family from birth (actually, pre birth if you include the ante-natal classes!) to your vintage years!
  • We offer a range of fantastic classes for all abilities and with programmes such as the excellent GP Referral, we aim to bring you a little more should your life take a turn and you need some extra support.
  • We are open seven days a week, from early morning until late into the evening.
  • We have fully-qualified instructors and welcoming reception staff in every venue and they are ALL happy to help.
  • Our communication channels are open 24/7 and are manned Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm so you’re only ever a few hours away from a reply.

We make getting active easier

  • There are over one hundred classes for you to try in order that you might find one you enjoy
  • Our venues play host to almost the same number and variety of local sports clubs
  • We are open from early in the morning, to late at night and cover 7 days a week
  • We offer products for all levels of fitness: gym inductions, beginners’ technique classes, guided walks and running classes are just some of the ways we can make this an easy transition for you

We want your experience to be great

By choosing a Live Active Fitness Membership not only are you on target to enjoy a fitter, healthier life but because we are a local leisure trust, you are also investing in an organisation that cares for the wellbeing of the entire community, the young up-coming athletes of tomorrow and reinvests every penny of profit back into the facilities and services it offers.  So straight off the bat, you're membership gives you a feel good factor!

  • We measure your feedback every year with an extensive customer survey and ask you to grade us.  Over 80% of our customers would recommend us to a friend. 
  • We invite you to write to us, to speak to us, to talk about us to your friends and family.  Tell us how we can make your time in a LAL venue even better.


Let's get down to it - you want the nitty gritty.  Well, as well as unlimited access to our gyms, pools, classes and friendly knowledgeable staff you have a whole bunch of innovative bolt-ons and discounted concession choices ensuring that you find the package that's suited perfectly to you.  There are no contracts, no peak rates and should life changes its mind on you, you can take a holiday from your membership.

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