Do something active on most days of the week

People who have a physical, learning or sensory disability often find additional challenges when it comes to accessing sports and fitness. At Live Active Leisure we know that the benefits of physical activity are the same for everyone and therefore ease of access and plenty of opportunity for all, is high on our list of priorities. We believe that if the challenges are greater, then it is even more important that the outcomes of taking part are felt immediately.

People with disabilities who use our services to get more active could:

• Enjoy the positive mental and physical results that can come from taking part in fun activities
• Achieve success as a performance athlete
• Gain improved self-image and confidence
• Manage weight and discover a body that functions better
• Find concentrating easier and improve educational achievements

In Perth and Kinross improved access to physical activity has helped a number of children, young people and adults feel supported in their own personal development, and progression to education and employment. We also provide support to carers, including free carer access to our venues.

Looking for further support?

Live Active Leisure work with a range of partners to provide opportunities in Perth and Kinross to be active. Look out for our own No Limits sessions specifically for children and adults with a disability, but more importantly, if there is an activity that appeals but you are unsure about its accessibility or suitability speak to our venue staff.

This page is developing and will soon have useful fact sheets to give you for more information and support.