Okay, we’re all human here in the Live Active Leisure office and unlike our uber-fit colleagues in the gyms and classes we have been known to suffer from the winter workout blues.  Mother Nature has cast her dreich Scottish spell and as pretty as the golden leaves and icy frost look on our way to work, we feel a little more like a ‘blanket on the sofa’ than a ‘workout at the gym’!     

We’ve asked around our lively-always-on-it co-workers and come up with some top tips for keeping you focused while the cold weather kicks in.   Try one or two, or go for them all and you’ll plough through that snow and rain with a bright smile and a bounce in your winter weight sneaks.  

Live Active Leisure’s Top Five Winter Motivators

1. Bring In A Buddy!

There is so much evidence that points to higher levels of success when you train or work out with a friend.  It seems as human beings we’re less likely to let a friend down than we are ourselves.  Chances are, your mates and co-workers are feeling the same dip in enthusiasm and will welcome your invitation to buddy up.

Why not book into a class together, or make a regular meeting time at the gym?  As well as getting you there in the first place, you’ll also find you push each other to achieve.

If everyone is bailing on you, then hold tight to your winter mission and book in some sessions with one of our LAL Personal Trainers.  They’ll have you warmed up in no time!  

2. Get Fresh and Stay Focused!

According to recent evidence when we start something new and fresh, we commit to it more and will it give it extra focus.  We all know that boredom can often be the very thing that adds to the ‘ach, one night off won’t matter’ mentality that creeps in as November stretches into December.

Now is the ideal time to have a go at that new activity you’ve meaning to try.  Check out our class timetables and book in for one of the exciting new Les Mills classes that started throughout all of our localities in September. Both Les Mills Grit and RPM are winning our members some serious results and will get your motor burning for sure; or slow it down a little and tone up with the amazing techniques of Body Balance.

For gym lovers, speak to one of our instructors or book a fitness review to help you shake up your workout a little. And if nothing else, update your playlist and give yourself a whole new treadmill vibe!  As an extra wee tip, the best exercise music has been found to be between 120 and 140 beats per minute!

This is also the perfect time of year to Try Curling or Ice Skating – keeping fit, making new pals and having a lot of fun!

3. Come Away In!

Let’s make it easy. Simply come inside, out of the cold!  Before you think we’re advocating giving up, this isn’t a defeatist’s attitude it’s a realist’s attitude!  We live in Scotland and its blooming cold out there. So if you’re a keen cyclists, then get yourself into a winter zone by booking into Dave’s new Spin Pro class. This is 75 minutes of hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and interval sprints. IE NOT a cop out!

For the runners or walkers, hit the gym and set yourself some treadmill challenges or book into a circuits class and get your cold weather cardio going.

4. Make That Resolution NOW!

There’s a ton of evidence that tells us New Year’s resolutions are often binned before we’ve finished the last of the Hogmanay Advocaat.  We’re full of good intentions that somehow dwindle into a slushy wet puddle of ‘nearly’.  The problem is, we’re surrounded by other ‘nearlies’ who joke and laugh along with us about another failed attempt at losing weight / running 5K / mastering a burpee. 

We say, set them now! Make your fitness resolutions now and come Hogmanay you’ll be six weeks into a new you. That’ll be worth bringing in the bells for!

5. Break The ‘I’m Comfy And Its Dark’ Routine!

Oh how we have been here! We’re on the sofa, it’s never ever felt more comfortable and the cold night sky is peeping through your curtains, telling you to stay inside.  This isn’t you being soft or lazy, science tells us that darkness is a cue for your brain to produce more of the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin.  Which is why morning routine folks, suddenly find the 6.30am alarm too much to bear after the clocks go back.   

So, after work, before you even sit down, change out of your work clothes into your gym gear.  Or if you can, head straight to a class or gym before you go home.

If you’re a morning person, you may find you need to go to bed 15 – 30 minutes earlier during the winter! You should also avoid computer and screens for an hour before bedtime to shut out light and other brain stimulators.   Try this and your usual chirpy self should be bouncing into that 7pm yoga class in no time!

Try these winter activities for a half hour of calorie burning fun!

Building a fire: 80 calories

Having a snowball fight: 96

Ice-skating: 176

Curling: 176

Shoveling snow: 192

Skiing (downhill): 192

Sledging: 224

Snowboarding: 192

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