Live Active Rodney is encouraging everyone to get In The Pink and join them for a special fundraising day following the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Ladies Day at Perth Racecourse.  The event is their second annual Exercise In The Pink Day, and this year members and guests are invited to join the 9.40am Body Pump Class on Friday 15th May to recharge after Ladies Day; the person wearing the most pink will win a free 30 Day membership.

Following evidence showing thirty minutes of daily physical activity can reduce your risk of breast cancer by at least 20 percent, Live Active Leisure has  been actively working with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to promote a healthy lifestyle among women in Perth and Kinross.

Neil Johnston, Live Active Rodney Manager commented, “The team and members had a great time last year and we thought what better way to recharge after Ladies Day than to have an energetic, fundraising start to Friday 15th! We’re all delighted to be involved in supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer again and will use the opportunity to reinforce their strapline of “Raise your pulse, reduce your risk.”

A Breakthrough Breast Cancer spokesperson explained the research. “Working with experts across the world to review all the scientific evidence, Breakthrough Breast Cancer estimates women can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by at least 20 per cent by being regularly physically active. Or to put it another way, a comprehensive study identified during our review suggests that if every woman in the UK was regularly physically active, one in six cases of breast cancer could be avoided each year.”