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Keeping fit and healthy is important at any age but we know you want something that you can enjoy and fit into your busy teenage life too. School, mates, hobbies and parents all take up a lot of time!

Squeezing in just 60 minutes a day – or four sessions of 15 minutes, or two of 30, you get the idea! – you will strengthen your muscles, keep a healthy weight and beat that exam/relationship/teenage stress. 

That’s why we offer a range of great fitness classes that are suitable for teenagers just like you. Meet your mates, meet new people and keep your energy levels up for everything else life throws at you. Get yourself a FREE Live Active Card at any of our venues for casual use or if you're already a keen active user, then our Active Energy Memberships might suit you better!

FREE Live Active Card Great Teen Classes Feeling Great Pool Discos Space to Hang Out With Your Mates Beat That School Stress

Fitness Classes you might like:

BodyBalance, Aerobics, BodyAttack, Spin, RPM and Yoga are just some of the classes available across Perth City. Check out our venue timetables or class search above for more choice and information. Some of our classes are only suitable for 14+ years and anyone aged 12 or 13 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult when attending classes. 

 Look out for the Active Energy icon in the class activities search to see what's suitable for you.

Accessing our gyms:

To get started, a gym induction must be completed prior to use for any of our gyms.  Book your induction in any of our Perth City venues or give them a call for the next available slot. Once you've been through your induction, you're good to go - simply check out our gym timetables for opening hours. Some of our venues also have Teen Fitness supervised sessions, a session that's solely for individuals like yourself who are looking to keep fit and active - you'll also not need to be accompanied by an adult to these sessions. If you're looking to attend the gym out with these sessions - no problem, you'll just need to bring along an adult (anyone responsible over 16). 

Gym Access in Perth City

We have a number of gyms throughout Perth City, click through for more information and access hours.

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Fitness classes in Perth City

Find a great fitness class in our Perth City venues. Download the timetables here.Some age restrictions may apply.

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Active Energy Memberships

A great value membership with unlimited gym & classes, sportshall, swimming, pitches, ice skating and more...

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