Keeping strong, fit and healthy is a goal many of us share and here at Live Active Leisure we are committed to helping you achieve this.

Many of our customers enjoy a wide range of classes throughout our venues and you will find everything from a relaxing ninety minutes of yoga to a super-intense 30 minutes of Meta-Fit. 

All of our Live Active Leisure Instructors are fully qualified and professional and look forward to helping you achieve amazing results that will make you proud!

We have five key fitness class headings to help you find the type of class you're looking for:

  •  Fitness - Calorie burning classes that will get your heart pumping and build stamina
  •  Strength and Conditioning - Tone your muscles, strengthen your core and gain a great all over body shape
  •  Mind & Body - Gentle conditioning classes that are perfect for destressing and unwinding 
  •  Wellbeing - Our classes for priority groups such as mums, older people or those with specifc health needs
  •  Just Getting Started - Classes and activities to help ease that first step into or back to the gym

Use our quick search bar at the top of this page to search now for a class in your area that will suit you. Don't have a class in mind? Easy, leave the activity box blank and search the area first to get an overview of what's on offer.  If you have a specific venue in mind, then simply filter using this. We look forward to seeing you!

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