Swimming is a fantastic all-round sport for keeping fit, building muscle tone and staying in great shape.  You will find that swimming helps your cardio health, keeps your weight under control and brings a boost in mood and energy levels. It is one of the simplest sports to access, requiring no more equipment than a swimming costume and goggles and one of Live Active Leisure's five pools throughout Perth and Kinross! 

If you are looking for easy, fun ways to build up to achieving your recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week then you should consider adding a couple of 30 minute fitness swimming sessions into your programme. The average 60kg person will burn 240 calories in each half hour session. As well as being a great part of your regular routine, anyone training for a challenge will find that lane swimming is a terrific way to build stamina and improve your overall fitness levels.

Great All-Round Fitness Build Stamina Burn Calories Club and Casual Swimming Open 7 Days Improve Muscle Tone

Of course, you don't need to be serious to enjoy the water and gain valuable benefit. Playing with children in the pool will not only build a love of the sport from a young age but will also count towards your own exercise goals!

Our leisure water at Perth Leisure Pool is unrivalled and offers an abundance of fun, pool-based options for people of all ages. This is a great family day out! 

Flumes Wild Water Outdoor Lagoon Baby & Toddler Zone Bubble Beds Kids' Slides 

All of our pools offer club swimming and welcome people of all ages and abilities.  Some clubs' meet simply to encourage members and improve tehcniques while others will swim in leagues and competitions around Tayside and Scotland.  If you'd like to get involved check out our clubs page for more details. 

Live Active Leisure is committed to ensuring every child in Perth & Kinross leaves Primary School with swimming as a life skill. We are working towards achieving this by linking closely with schools and offering parents flexible, affordable options for their child to learn. 

We also offer adult swimming lessons and would love to help you gain this invaluable lifelong skill at any age. 

Under Fives Swim Free Children's Swimming Lessons Adult Swimming Lessons