Over 5’s Should Be Active for 60 Minutes Every Day


We are proud of our role in developing healthy minds and bodies for our community’s children; whether they are just starting their education or thinking about their career options, we’re working hard to buck the current trends for inactivity.  Work with us and together we can help our girls stay interested throughout secondary school and boost boy’s participation past the age of 15.

Physical activity helps to promote: 

Concentration Co-ordinationhealthy weight Positive body imageStrong bones and muscles Social skills 

Physical Activity Guidelines
The guides below provide an excellent source of information on getting your child active: 

•   pdf Early Years (pre-school children) who cannot walk (177 KB)
•   pdf Early Years (pre-school children) for children who are capable of walking (199 KB)
•   pdf Children and Young People (5 to 18 years)

(182 KB)