Women should be active for 150 minutes per week


Women participate in less physical activity than men and have a greater risk of mental health issues and some serious physical health issues. We have prioritised women as a wellbeing group and work hard to provide additional support to help close this gap across Perth and Kinross and inspire the next generation of girls.

Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can benefit all women:

• Maintaining a healthy weight before, during and after pregnancy
• Lowers the risk of developing long term conditions such as Cancer, Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
• Improves mental health issues such as Stress, Depression and Anxiety
• Improves sleep pattern and promotes a better quality of rest
• Boosts the feel good factor both mentally and physically which is important for yourself and your family
• A great way to socialise with a group of friends or work colleagues; enjoy a game of badminton or go for a swim then relax in the Health Suite

Looking for further support?

If you have never been to a fitness class before or want to take it a bit easier, then our Wellbeing classes and Fitness classes tagged with ‘Just Getting Started’ are for you, look for the below icon.