The average UK absence rate in 2011 was 4.2 days, this has fallen, as in 1993 we were averaging 7.2 sick days per annum.  However, this still equates to a loss of almost 2% of working time.  

So how can you help to improve this?
By encouraging staff to be active you are assisting them in improving their physical and mental well-being.  Regular exercise helps to prevent diseases, improves stamina, strengthens and tones, enhances flexibility, reduces stress, controls weight and improves quality of life.

What can Live Active do to help?
As an employer, we understand the importance of supporting staff in helping them to lead a healthy, more active lifestyle. Therefore we have created a Corporate Membership package which is available to all local companies.  By registering your business in our corporate membership scheme you are making it even easier for your staff to lead an active life for less.

Register your business for free and your employees can start to benefit from the exclusive offers.

What does the membership include?
From as little as £29.05 per month our Corporate Membership provides unlimited access to all LAL Venues. Activities include Gym, Swimming and Fitness Classes along with Health Suite and Power Plate Bolt-ons available.


Standard Membership £29.05 £319.65
Membership + Health Suite £34.20 £376.05
Membership + Power Plates £36.75 £404.20
Membership + Health Suite 
& Power Plates
£41.90 £460.60


Further Benefits
Our Live Active Rewards discount scheme is also available to our Corporate Direct Debit and Annual Members.  The scheme provides a range of discounts in local shops, restaurants and services.  Click here for more details.

Business Registration
To sign up and start benefiting from the corporate membership scheme simply complete our registration form.

Terms and Conditions
You can find our terms and conditions here for the Corporate Membership