COVID-19: Fitness Memberships

Last Updated: 02-04-21

Our Fitness Memberships will be reinstated on the 26th April. You will be able to book classes as normal before this date.

We are in the process of contacting all members with information. Direct Debit memberships will be reinstated from 26th April, with the first payment due from 1st June 2021; giving members this period for free.  Members will have the opportunity to continue with their freeze should they wish.  You can do this by clicking here and completing our freeze membership form.

Similar to DD members, Annual memberships will be reinstated from 26th April and will have the number of days you’ve been unable to use our venues added to your membership from 01/06/21.

As Perth Leisure Pool remains closed for maintenance due to the flood which happened last year and Live Active Atholl is closed due to the venue being used as a vaccination centre, both Perth Leisure Pool and Atholl members will remain frozen at this time.  You do not need to do anything at this stage.  However, if you wish to unfreeze your membership you can do so by completely this form.

This goes a long way in supporting us financially which is greatly appreciated and a thank you goes out to anyone who has already done this. We’ll share further updates on memberships as soon as we can.

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