Do It For You - Summer Fitness

This time of year sees a great many of us reaching for our trainers, dusting them down and hitting the gym.

If you purchase either a Direct Debit or Annual Fitness Membership 10th May - 30th June you will recieve a FREE 6-Week Fitness Programme to get you started! 

As summer approaches we want you to be feeling your best, and bursting with enough energy to enjoy any sunshine that comes your way. Whether it’s running around with the kids, or simply strolling down to the beach bar on holiday, when you feel as though you’re packing your A-game, everything suddenly seems better!

Whatever your reason for getting fit for summer, we here at Live Active Leisure have one key single piece of motivational advice; “Do it for you!”

Focus on the end goal that will make you happy, have you feeling great, and looking healthy and strong. This is your body, your mind and your emotional wellbeing – and with a little focus, you can make all three feel amazing!

Graeme Lackie, Fitness Manager here at Live Active Leisure says: “The first sunny day of the year is when most people begin to think about getting fit for Summer. There’s a scramble for the running machines! However, we always like to remind our customers that fitness doesn’t happen overnight – but you could see some incredible differences in only 8 – 10 weeks. Set a realistic goal and give yourself time to work towards it; this will bring you sustainable long-term benefits that far exceed looking good on the beach!”

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Do It For You!

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