We’ve been making some changes to our class cancellation policy from 22nd October 2018.  We know how frustrating it is when you can’t get a place in your favourite fitness class.  It’s even more annoying to find out that a space was available because someone who had booked didn’t turn up or they’d cancelled at the very last minute!

It may shock you to learn that across Live Active Leisure we have occurrences like this every day. That’s a lot of people missing out on the chance to enjoy their favourite fitness classes!

However, we do understand that life sometimes gets in the way and cancelling a fitness class you have booked into is occasionally unavoidable.  Therefore, we kindly ask that if you do need to cancel your space, you provide as much notice as possible, with a minimum of 3 hours’ notice; allowing other customers the opportunity to utilise that space.

For Fitness Members:

As a Fitness Member you can cancel a fitness class in several ways: online, via the App or by calling the venue.  A minimum of 3 hours’ notice before the start of the class applies.

Please note that we will be monitoring members who fail to attend our classes and likewise members who always cancel at the last minute and will impose booking restrictions if this happens on three or more separate occasions.

For Pay As You Go Customers:

As a Pay as You Go customer, you can only cancel your space in person or by telephone.  No refunds will be issued. However, if you cancel your class with more than 3 hours before, you will have the option to move your booking to another class.  Less than 3 hours before the class starts and you will not be permitted to move your booking.

Arriving In Time For Your Class:

We kindly ask customers who have booked into a class to arrive and swipe attendance at reception at least 5 minutes prior to the class starting. This will allow enough time to get the studio and get ready for your class starting. If you arrive late at reception for your class, you will not be permitted access to the class.

Please always remember to bring your card or fob to swipe at reception for classes. If you are a Gym Pass member you must check in using the Gym Pass app.

Fitness Class Waiting Lists:

If the class you want to attend is full, you will have the option to book onto the waiting list.  If you Pay as You Go for your fitness classes, there is no charge to book onto the waiting list but if you are then booked into the class you will have to pay to confirm your place.

If you have any queries about bookings, waiting lists or cancellations please speak to a member of staff at your local venue, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.