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Here at Live Active, you’ll find 15 amazing venues, a huge team of driven industry experts and all of the help and support you could possible need to achieve your health and fitness goal for 2020 and beyond.

Our Fitness Membership does more for you with unlimited access to:

• 15 venues across Perth & Kinross
• Over 150 fitness classes per week - click here to find your local venue's fitness programme.
• 10 fitness gyms / weights rooms
• 5 swimming pools
• Exclusive discounts in over 90 local businesses with Live Active Rewards
• A chance to win £100 or more every month
• 4 guest passes -
To bring your friend along with you for free!

We understand that it can be daunting to start your fitness journey, that's why we offer personal fitness programmes and training with staff that will support you through it all... and push you to your limits of course! Check out our Live Active Rodney walk through below to see everything on offer in this incredible fitness venue.


Your Live Active Membership Does more!

By choosing Live Active as your activity membership of choice, you’re not just looking after yourself, and your own physical and mental wellbeing. You’re also choosing to be part of something bigger – something that brings benefit to people of all ages and abilities who live right here in our communities.  Did you know your membership helps to contribute to:

• Free swimming for under-fives
• The Talented Athlete Scheme, ensuring athletes reach their full potential
• Activity Referral, exercise on prescription for people with long-term health issues
• All Ability Bikes, a fleet of bikes and instructors bringing cycling to all

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