We've been around for 50 years and there's a few reason why!

No more excuses, buy the membership that give's you more! You work hard and so should your membership...

There must be a reason Live Active Leisure has managed to stay at the top of the leisure industry in Perth and Kinross for 50 years…in fact, there are many reasons!

50 years of experience means we know what you want from a membership and over these years we have adapted to give you this and continue to do so. We wanted to give you as much value as we can to a membership that gives you more.

We don’t have peak rates because we know how your schedule can change and if you want to work out, who are we to stop you from looking after yourself when you have motivation to go.

There’s no minimum 12 month contracts here - just rolling monthly direct debits. We even offer membership holidays for up to 6 months of the year, making things easier for you. We know being tied in is very inconvenient so we simply don’t do it. Even by taking a membership holiday, your Live Active card will still work to give you discount on all our activities. Sounds ideal doesn’t it?

So, what do you get from your membership? Well, we like to think, what don’t you get. We have more venues, more pools and more classes than anyone else in Perth and Kinross and we give you UNLIMITED access to all of this. That’s right, your membership covers all our venues, so you can use any gym, take part in as many classes as you can handle and swim at any of our 5 pools. Our fully qualified and experienced staff are always on hand to help you or assist so don’t be afraid to ask them anything at all.

Because you work hard at the gym, burn your tea break treats at our classes and swim lengths to unwind, we thought it would be nice to reward you for all your efforts. Introducing to you, Live Active Rewards! We have partnered up with over 30 local businesses to give you some fantastic exclusive deals as part of your membership. Have a look at our Rewards page to see who’s all in. We are continuingly working to improve our Rewards offering so keep an eye on this page to see who’s all joining, although we will always update you with the latest exclusive deals because we wouldn’t want you missing out, it’s nice to treat yourself.

We offer more and give you more, simply because we have more…why would you need a membership that has less, ties you in for a year or restricts you from going when you want?

Click here to get a membership that gives back what you put in! We make you feel like a member, not just a monthly sales figure!

We hope to see you soon!

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