Welcome to our new and improved timetable! 

Here you will be able to find all of our sessions from each of our venues. Simply choose your local venue from the drop down menu, choose the appropriate timetable and check out what is on offer. 

New Feature: Once you have found a session you would like to book, simply click the "Book Now" button. If the session does not have a "Book Now" button, this means that the session does not require you to book in advance to attend. 

 October Holiday Programme, to find this, select "Holiday Programme" in the drop down menu and click the "Next Week" button until you arrive at the 11th Octobter. If the Camp lasts more than one day, please use the "Book Now" button from the first day of the camp. For example, if booking the Full Week Camp, please use the "Book Now" button on the Monday.

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