Live Active Loch Leven


Live Active Loch Leven has something to suit every member of the family and serves the local community of Kinross and outlying areas.

Adult Swim Lessons

Swim lessons for adults.

Aqua Run

Do you have what it takes to complete the aquarun....


A water based fitness class suitable for all

Body Balance

Les Mills BodyBalance - Mind and Body class that has you bending and stretching through safe and simple yoga moves.


Circuits is a high quality group exercise workout for improving your overall fitness. 

Core Stability

Core stability classes are a great way to improve your flexibility, core strength and overall body conditioning.

HIIT (Interval Training)

Carry on blasting fat long after the workout is over with our HIIT - High (Intensity Interval Training) Classes. 



Pilates conditioning class that targets all the muscles of the body!

Social Circuits

A lower intensity circuit based class, ideal for those who would consider themselves as being in the later stages of life.

Swim Disco

Our Swim Discos are suitable for young people aged 8 and above.  Come along, listen to the latest music, have fun with your friends and take part in a range of water games and competitions.

Total Body Workout

Get a complete-body workout using resistance and toning exercises.


Yoga is a great way of keeping the body toned, strong and flexible.