Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

A wide range of outdoor activities are available in the Perth and Kinross area during the winter and the summer season.

Winter Activities



Winter Mountaineering

Winter mountaineering can be the most rewarding experience. We can teach you to use your ice axe and crampons and other essential winter skills.


Summer Activities




Descending a rock face using a fixed rope.


A good way to learn your boat handling skills with a single paddle blade. Can be done as a single person or double.

Canoeing (white water)

Paddle  a two-person boat down an exciting fast flowing river.

Gorge Walking

Make your own way up or down a river gorge. Sliding down chutes, traversing rocks and jumping off cliffs into the water.


A similar sport to gorge walking except done in the sea. A unique experience!

Indoor Climbing

For many the first they put on a climbing harness. A good way to learn the ropes.

Kayaking (placid water)

A single person craft with a double paddle. An ideal way to learn to paddle.

Kayaking (white water)

So you've learnt to paddle and now want a wee adventure, come and join us on a white water river.

Mountain Biking

Steer your bike around man-made and natural trails. A good test of balance, skill and fitness.


Navigate around a course of markers using a map and compass. Points awarded for accuracy and speed.

Rock Climbing (single pitch)

Been to the indoor wall and want to try real rock? Try climbing at a small crag or quarry before heading to the mountains.

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