Andy Fotheringham joined Live Active Leisure to improve his fitness and was inspired to join the 5K and Beyond programme with Dave Thompson. Under Dave’s Guidance, Andy completed the Pitlochry 10K at the end of that year and has signed up for the Edinburgh Half Marathon in 2018!

Live Active prides itself on being there for its community when it comes to providing affordable options to enjoy getting active and improving your health. Offering great facilities across Perthshire, including gyms, fitness classes, programmes, swimming pools and sports halls – there is something to suit everybody.

And that’s what attracted local man Andy Fotheringham to join Live Active last year. Through the help of a Live Active Fitness membership, he successfully achieved his fitness goals and now continues to raise the bar even higher.

“It was around last February I decided it was time to get fitter,” he told us, “I looked around at the different options and decided that Live Active was the best fit for me.

“It’s very reasonably priced, and through work I receive the corporate discount. It allows me to access several gyms in the area as well as different classes and courses. I’ve also got a 4-year-old boy who loves swimming and it gives me free access to the pool!”

Andy quickly found an activity that suited him and through one of Live Active’s fitness programmes, he set himself goals which were challenging but achievable.

“I quickly realised that running was my activity of choice and I set myself a target of 5K within 30 minutes. Soon, I was looking for my next challenge and then I received an email from Live Active to sign up for the Pitlochry 10K with a member’s discount. Around the same time, I signed up for the Beyond 5K programme and the ten-week course gave me access to Dave Thompson – his advice in the run up to the 10K was priceless.

“He built my confidence and strength throughout the ten weeks and gave me great advice with regards to my trainers, my activity tracker and my niggling ankle injury! The class contained runners of all levels which Dave catered for and there was a great vibe between everyone involved.

“The final week of the programme led me right into the Pitlochry 10K and I felt ready to race, and I’m glad to say I completed it. I was hoping for a sub-hour time but sadly I just missed out. I’ll get the next one!

“It was lovely to see my friends and family at the finish line cheering me on… and holding me up! To think that just six months before I hadn’t really done any running since High School. Having access to an experienced coach for queries and support really made completing the 10K possible.”

After the success of the Pitlochry 10K, Andy hasn’t stopped yet and has set himself a new challenge in the coming months.

“I’ve signed up for the Edinburgh Half Marathon in May, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support (you can donate here). I’ve just started a 16-week programme and so far, so good. I’m doing outdoor runs, but I still nip into Rodney twice a week to use the cycling and rowing machines. I’ve already told Dave I’ll be in touch a few weeks before the event for some more advice, and I’m also thinking about trying to tackle a full marathon at the end of the year!”

Since taking up a Live Active membership, Andy has come a long way and with the prospect of having both a half and a full marathon under his belt by the end of this year, it’s clear he has been using the full benefit of the LAL’s venues, programmes and knowledgeable staff!

“It really was a great decision to sign up, and my partner Rachel has also signed up so we’re both living healthier lifestyles. It’s a good example to set for our son. I really can’t recommend Live Active enough – access to gyms, classes, programmes, the pool – the exercise is good for a healthy mind as well as the body.”

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