We love to hear stories from our customers about how making use of our offer has made a positive impact on their lives. Whether it’s starting out on a fitness journey, training with a club or it’s learning a new skill, we love knowing that the people of Perth & Kinross enjoy our facilities and get a lot out of them. And that’s exactly what Briagha Roger has been doing for a number of years now. rsz img 7947

Briagha Roger has been using Live Active Leisure’s venues and services for a number of years now and is hoping that going to classes and keeping fit can help lead her to her dream job – working in the Scottish Fire Service.

She made the decision while still at school that she wanted to improve her fitness, the main reason being that it could help her to realise her dream of working in the emergency services. 

“I began using Live Active’s facilities while at high school,” she told us, “and I continued after I left. I initially started at the Strathearn Community Campus for that early period but now I split my time between Bell’s Sports Centre and Rodney.”

Briagha decided that she wanted to use Live Active’s fitness classes to help her live a more active lifestyle and was quick to praise the instructors for their part in helping her on the way to realising her career goals.

“I joined LAL because I felt that the facilities were great value for money and the kit/equipment was fantastic. I started going to different classes and found that the instructors were great too. They were very enthusiastic and kept me motivated throughout.

“They really helped to build my confidence and now I have built up my discipline and I’m really motivated to keep fit. The classes are helping me to prepare for future fitness tests which I will need to pass in order to realise my dream of working in the Scottish Fire Service.”

Briagha is currently studying and loves the flexibility. “I use the facilities at least four times a week, for one or two classes a night. Having a variety of different fitness classes at different times makes it really easy for me to use the classes between work and studying.

“I love how easy it is to book into classes and how well prepared the instructors are for each session. Plus, the facilities are so well looked after!

“Being a member of Live Active Leisure has been a real kick-start to a much healthier and fun lifestyle – helping me in so many ways to reach my goals and enjoy myself at the same time!”