Live Active Leisure is proud of the number of industry standard awards and recognition that it has received in recent years that recognise our staff's commitment to providing the highest levels of service for our customers and partners.

Our list of achievements include:


QLM LEISURESAFE delivers health and safety consultancy. They support leisure facilities with practical and cost-effective health and safety solutions. Bell's Sports Centre, Perth Leisure Pool, Dewars Centre, Live Active Rodney, Live Active Atholl, Live Active Loch Leven, Live Active Blairgowrie and Live Active Strathearn have all been awarded the QLM Leisure Safe Award with all seven venues obtaining scores of over 80%.

Healthy Living Award

Cafe Aqua which is based at Perth Leisure Pool was awarded the Healthy Living Award in October 2018 and Café Active based at Bell’s Sports Centre received the award in September 2017 with these awards valid for two years. The Healthy Living Award rewards catering establishments for serving healthier food and finding ways of helping their customers make better food choices.

Fairtrade Status Award

In 2017 Perth & Kinross achieved Fairtrade Zone status which provides a powerful message that the people of Perth and Kinross, care about fair and ethical trading.   Fairtrade products must be used by a number of local work places and community organisations and a Flagship Employer must be identified, Live Active Leisure being one of three in Perth & Kinross.  Live Active Leisure serves Fairtrade produce in its cafes. 


Live Active Leisure venues once again participated in the 2019 Swimathon that raises funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Scottish Tourist Board Award

Bell’s Sports Centre, Perth Leisure Pool and the Dewars Centre have all been awarded the 3-Star Leisure Centre Award in 2018 from the Scottish Tourist Board. 

Healthy Working Lives Award

Live Active Leisure once again successfully received the Healthy Working Lives Silver Award in 2019.  The Company works together to create a healthier, safer place to work.  This award lets people know that promoting Healthy Working Lives is an integral part of the Company and the way we work.

IQL Training Award

Live Active Leisure received the IQL Approved Training Centre External Quality Assurance award in 2018 when the Company received a 100% compliant score.