Swimming Lessons - Child

Here at Live Active we know how important it is to learn to swim at a young age to make sure your little heroes are safe in the water here in Scotland, or in the pool on holiday! 

Application Forms for our Swimming Lessons

Below, you will find our Swimming Lesson waiting list application forms. Please ensure you fill out the correct form for the venue you wish to attend and the age of your child. If you would like a venue not listed, please check back at a later date as we have reached our capacity and can no longer accept new applicants currently at these specific venues.

Pre-School Swimming Lessons - for children aged 3 & 4 years

After School Swimming Lessons - for children who are aged 5-7 years

After School Swimming Lessons - for children who are aged 8+ years


ASN Swimming Lessons

Our venues vary in our offerings for children with additional support needs, from small group lessons, 1-2-2 lessons and quiet family open sessions. For more information on these lessons, please contact us here

Swimming Lesson Descriptions:

Learn to Swim Lessons

Swimming is one of the most important skills you can learn. Live Active’s Learn to Swim programme is an ideal introduction to the water for children and adults of all abilities.

We offer lessons for babies all the way to competent swimmers.

Learn to Swim Programme (3 years +)

Children aged 3 years + will work independently learning through structured play and will develop their water confidence and ability to perform a range of aquatic skills without the support of buoyancy aids. We have 3 levels of preschool lessons ranging from beginner level, to improver and then onto advanced.

1-2-2 Swimming Lessons

Whether you are looking to build confidence in the pool or perfect your technique our enthusiastic team will help guide, support and encourage you to achieve your goals - fast. Our lessons are open to all ages and abilities. Swimmers are paired with another swimmer of roughly the same age and the same ability.

Learn to Swim Junior lessons 

Swim Skills 1 (A)

An introductory level aimed at developing water confidence of children with little/no experience of swimming. The class is for children aged 5 years+ who currently attend school.

Over 8 Swim Skills 1 

An introductory level aimed at developing water confidence of children with little/ no prior experience of learning to swim. This class is for children 8 years+. 

Swim Skills 1B 

This class is a continuation of Swim Skills 1A, where children will further develop water confidence and develop core aquatic skills without aids. This class is for children aged 5 years and over (or have started primary school) who can swim confidently for 5 metres on their front and back unaided and do all of the skills asked for in SS1A . 

Swim Skills 2 

In Swim Skills 2, children will increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke technique. This class is suitable for children who have an understanding of stroke technique and who can swim 10 metres Front crawl and Back crawl as well as attempting Breaststroke and Butterfly leg actions.

This level may take place in deep water so children need to be both confident in the water and able to tread water when out of their depth. 

Swim Skills 3 

Children who are competent at swimming 15m in an ‘recognisable' stroke e.g. front crawl, back crawl or breaststroke, will be introduced to a more advanced stroke technique

Swim Skills 4 

Children who can maintain the correct technique over 25m in Front crawl, Back crawl and Breaststroke and can demonstrate basic Butterfly will continue to develop a quality technique while gradually increasing distance.

Club Ready 

Suitable for children who can demonstrate good technique over 50 metres in Front crawl, Back crawl and Breaststroke and 15 metres in Butterfly.

Additional Support Needs(ASN):

The water provides a fantastic environment for children with additional needs to experience freedom of movement, buoyancy and stimulation. Our experienced teachers will work with you to determine the best approach to swimming lessons for your child. We have a variety of ASN specific classes however where appropriate we may recommend and encourage integrating within our main group lessons. 

If you have any questions regarding our swimming lessons, please fill in our Swimming Lesson Enquiries Form