Nicki reconnects with her inner beach baby and gets ready to fit into summer!

Three years ago I made a big decision to get myself back into fitness and it was at this point I started the Couch Potato blog for Live Active Leisure.  Inspired by their Fit Into Summer programme I set out to change my shape, fitness levels and attitude in just ten short weeks.  What can I say? Something must have stuck because that blog evolved into me doing every single last class that LAL offered at that time. rsz couples on the beach

Now, I would love to tell you I have been a fitness goddess ever since and to be honest, I did keep this up for at least two years. At which point I fell and tore a ligament which knocked me off my stride – both literally and metaphorically! – and by the time I got back to a routine I had developed exercise induced asthma.  I know – two blindingly good excuses if ever you saw them. 

The thing is, I really do like being fit.  I prefer how it makes me feel both inside and out.  I like that I look at my whole wardrobe and choose from everything rather than what’s comfortable and most of all, I like the sleep, wellbeing and mental outlook that regular exercise gives me.

And so I’m back on it! The Fit Into Summer Programme is back round again and I have embraced it like a long-lost friend.  This is the chance to get ready for cute shorts, wee dresses and a bounce in my cool summer sandals!  So determined am I to win back the enjoyment I experienced three years ago that I have signed up to write a fitness column for Small City, Big Personality which started this week. Follow it here >>>>

So, you know what’s coming next don’t you? I’m looking for some inspiration from all of you! If you’re looking for a way to ease into exercise and get into good habits as well as those cute shorts then come join me and send in your progress and pics.

The Live Active Leisure beach body inspired 10 week work out plan is designed to help you 'Fit Into Summer' and help you look and feel better.  It will help you work towards losing weight, toning those problem areas and improving muscle definition. And because Live Active Leisure has been listening to their customers for over 50 years they’ve learned that everyone likes simplicity!


The Fit into Summer promotion is very simple and straightforward, there's no contracts, no joining fee and no peak rates. You pay, you go, you benefit, simple! 

It includes 10 weeks of UNLIMITED gym usage, swimming for leisure or fitness and as many classes as you can possibly handle for a total price of £49.95. You will also be given access to their amazing Live Active Rewards scheme for the duration of your 10 week membership.

As part of the Fit Into Summer membership, you will receive 2 email updates - your first email is your initial 5 week beach body programme followed by a second email in time for you starting your second 5 week programme. They’ll also be offering support and nutritional advice and hints & tips via their private Fit Into Summer Facebook Group all of which will help keep you motivated throughout.

Joining is easy, pop into any Live Active venue and complete an application form, or download one online to bring in with you.  I promise, you will love this plan and will find a new lease of life – and if you’re like me, an entire second half of your wardrobe again!

Don't forget you can be in with a chance to WIN a 10 week Fit into Summer membership worth £49.95, plus a fantastic £25.00 voucher for Fitness Box.  All you have to do is enter via our Facebook page.