50 For A Reason – We Move With The Times

As the new Live Active Rewards App launches, Nicki tries it out AND enjoys a ride down the river!

When you reach your half-century it is fair to say that things can sometimes get a bit slower, become a bit stiffer and feel a lot tougher! Thankfully for Live Active Leisure, it is bolstered by a brilliant team of 600 people who keep them bouncing full of energy and brimming with youthful confidence. 

One department that is very much at the on-trend end of their services is the marketing team.  It is their responsibility to keep us up-to-date with online services, social media and the latest in digital advances.  As the person who writes the digital content I work with these guys a lot and I can tell you they are tireless in their efforts to ensure the website is slick, the social is relevant and that you find what you’re looking for as easily as possible.  No mean feat in a digital world that changes daily!

RewardsAppBYMWhile there are HUNDREDS of opportunities out there to run with in our new digital age, the team is of a belief that anything they do should be useful and beneficial to LAL users and members.  Sticking a QR code into every surface might make them look clever, but reality suggests that no one is scanning a kettle bell before they lift it over their head!  They’re much more focused on bringing the world of tech to what their venues and colleagues already do well – I’m talking great added value rather than a gizmo for the sake of it!

Which is why I was so excited to read about their new Rewards App.  I pay my monthly membership like everyone else (we’re a corporate member actually!) and I love using my rewards.  I recently set out around Perth to take advantage of all the local indies and ended up with a haircut, new jeans, lunch out and a massage for my efforts. Tough job, I know! J

However, I do forget to check for new offers and I also forget to check in to find who else has joined in as a rewards partners.  Habit takes me to Copperfields, Blend and Eva Lucia but I know I must be missing out…

Not any more though! That very clever marketing team I’ve just been discussing have come up with a new Live Active Rewards App for members.  Simply click and download for FREE and the full list of rewards partners and their offers is right there on your phone.

Always keen to experience a new gadget before writing about it, I downloaded it to my phone straight from this link>>> - I didn’t need to give any personal details or tell them my shoe size or what my first pet’s favourite colour was… It just appeared on my phone.

Once you click in you can search by category and the offers are laid up really easily and clearly.  You can also save to favourites so that your coffee and shoe addiction can be accessed quickly and easily!  Rewards partners can offer up spot discounts and one off deals so do make sure you select notifications so that you know when new opportunities are made live (my fave bit of the whole thing!).

Obviously I needed to trial some new members to ensure this was in fact a worthwhile addition to my apps so the entire Small City team (my other hat!) headed north to spend a day and night with two of LAL’s rewards partners. 

13133235 375671122603251 8606576291443223101 nWe headed out onto the river with Nae Limits in a whitewater rafting expedition down the River Tay.  Guided by the amazing Maddie, we hit some rapids, played some games and enjoyed an afternoon of Team Spirit and sunshine (yes – really!).  After a couple of hours paddling like crazy we hit up Rivers Meet, their fab café for scones, coffees and cakes and as LAL members we were entitled to 10% off Nae Limits Water Activities and 10% off Rivers Meet Café – you do still need your membership card with current Rewards sticker to redeem these.

Not a team to do an away day by half, we were all booked in to the wonderful   East Haugh House Hotel where we stayed the night.  After a long soak in the bath, we washed off the river and met in the bar for three courses of amazing, Scottish produce (and one or two wee gins!).  10% Off bill when dining in the restaurant saved us another few quid and made our Rewards App well worth the space on the screen!

If you are part of any of the Live Active Leisure Membership schemes, you are entitled to sign up to Live Active Rewards.  Download the app here for a full list of businesses, offers and special deals to start saving today. Please do remember to update your sticker at any of our venues.