With the growth of multi discipline sports surging through the UK, Live Active Leisure is building on their 25 year history of award-winning events. 

For us mere mortals, the idea of competing in a triathlon is one that sends shivers of fear down our regular-person’s bodies.  Even a double spin class has me slightly trembling! However, for the growing numbers of triathletes and iron-man contestants out there, there is nothing better than gearing up for a run-swim-cycle through the great outdoors of Scotland.  And it seems that the more we learn about fitness, the more we are driven by a need to challenge ourselves with something bigger.

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Just looking at triathlon race participation in the UK, you can see an increase of more than 300% in the past 5 years. With almost 15,000 amateur participants across the UK there are obviously athletes braver than me out there. You’d be forgiven for thinking it is the rise of body-conscious twenty something men bumping up the figures but in actual fact, the highest participation growth area is women over 55!

Triathlon is still a relatively new sport, with the first recorded triathlon only taking place in September 1974. It was organized by the San Diego Track and Field Club at Mission Bay, and consisted of 5.3-mile run, a 5-mile bike ride, and a 600 yard swim in the ocean. It was the first Ironman race a few years later in 1978 though that captured people’s attention and fired up the multi-sport interest. 

Here in Perthshire we were early adopters, with the Sprint Tri in Aberfeldy kicking off over 20 years ago.  (It’s now my mission to find this exact date so please do let us know if you were involved!).  This was followed quickly in 1999 by the Middle Distance, which featured an open water swim in Loch Tay and put Perthshire on the map as one of the most picturesque locations for this new sporting phenomenon.

The 2016 Middle Distance Triathlon takes place on Sunday 21st August in Aberfeldy.  With 17 years under our belt, the event now hosts the Scottish Triathlon Championships and has won many major awards. It is a big favourite with athletes and has long-since been regarded as one of the most breath-taking on the Triathlon circuit.

It starts with a 1900m swim in Loch Tay, with the first wave heat going off at 07:00. Entrants will then then tackle a 90Km cycle in the stunning Highland Perthshire countryside around Loch Rannoch before heading back to Aberfeldy. The third and final part of this triathlon is a 21Km Run on the quiet roads on the banks of the River Tay.   You will not find a more stunning tri course anywhere in the UK… maybe even the world! (We may be a teeny tiny bit biased but a large number of people agree with us!)

As always in the Highland Race Series, the support from the local community is unprecedented. We simply would not be in a position to welcome in as many participants as we do without the wonderful volunteers in Aberfeldy. It never ceases to amaze us how much support we receive; this year the event has required around 100 volunteer stewards and route safety marshals, and they have all come from the Community. It is a tremendous day full of community spirit and an event that we all look forward to every year.

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  1. It is the ultimate cross training workout - We are all being encouraged to put more variety into our training and Triathlon is the ultimate expression of that.  Swimming, cycling and running means you’ll have a varied workout program.
  2. Everyone's a winner - With three disciplines anyone who is less able at any one event will still find they are able to do well in a Tri. This has allowed for a greater variety of people to participate.
  3. It's way more interesting - Because there are three sports to master, or at least become reasonably good at, the training is much more interesting than just running, swimming or cycling.
  4. You will push yourself - Simply finishing an event is can be a hugely rewarding experience and this makes it a great way to test your limits.  Pushing yourself to beat your last time is what keeps thousands of racers coming back for more.
  5. Health benefits - Training for a triathlon is a great cardiovascular workout, and can help to build and maintain good muscle tone.  That’s almost a good enough reason in itself!


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  • Registration, 12.00-20.00 on Saturday 20th at Breadalbane Community Campus
  • Swim start, 06.45 -07.30 at Taymouth Marina
  • Bike start, 07.30: 13.30: Kenmore – Kinloch Rannoch - Aberfeldy
  • Run start, 11.30-14.30: Aberfeldy - Strathtay
  • Winner Finish  approx, 11:20 at Breadalbane Community Campus
  • Presentation approx, 15:00 at Breadalbane Community Campus