Hi Everyone!

fitclub019Well, we’re half way through the month now and I’m so pleased to have seen packed out classes and gyms across all of our venues.  

Are your resolutions still intact?  If so, a huge five to you – you’re doing great. If not, don’t worry, there’s still another 50 weeks of the year left and you can easily get on the right path and turn your dreams of ‘fit and healthy’ into a reality.

We know from experience here at LAL, that fitness resolutions are often wrapped up in one big goal or come with lots of demands on your time or too many restrictions to your diet – let’s face it, cheese and wine is always tastier than lettuce and water! The thing is though, this is why your carefully laid plans are often dead and buried by Valentine’s Day.   It can be punishing and my advice is that you will always do much better with more realistic, enjoyable goals and fitness challenges. 

So, for 2017, why not start by making some small changes that will enhance your overall wellbeing and could become long-term, positive habits?  If you are just starting out and taking your first steps back into fitness then think about some of these simple, great ideas:

  • Instead of Signing Up For A Marathon: Join a regular walking group, ParkRun or a Couch to 5K programme.  There are some fantastic Stride For Life groups across Perthshire.
    • Try Couch To 5K: A running programme designed to condition your body for running, introducing you gradually and giving you time to adapt and get fitter.
    • Try Stride For Life: Free to attend, these walks are run by volunteers and spread throughout Perthshire and Kinross. MORE ON STRIDE FOR LIFE>>>

  • Instead of Going It Alone: Book into a ‘Learn To’ or beginners class to get a feel for the techniques and make sure you attend your gym induction – all providers will offer this. Or, try a personal training session for added motivation and tailored instruction. LAL’s motto this January is… Let’s do it together, today!
    • Learn To Sessions: Including Spin, Body Pump and Kettlebells, these smaller beginners sessions bring fitness education to the forefront and better prepare you for the main classes. MORE ON LEARN TO>>>
    • Personal Training Sessions: Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your athletic performance the carefully tailored help of a Personal Trainer is a perfect way to focus your mind and body. MORE ON PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS >>>

  • Instead of Booking Into Everything:  Set an achievable goal for attendance and stick to it. Beginning with two or three sessions a week and working up is better than going for four or five and failing!
    • Find A Time To Suit You: Check out the class timetable near you for inspiration. CLASS & GYM PROGRAMMES>>>
    • Book In For A Gym Induction: If you want a workout on your own terms – different times, shorter bursts - then why not look at the cardio gym or some strength and conditioning training? MORE ON GYM INDUCTION>>>
  • Instead of Repeating Past Attempts: Don’t force yourself into doing something you know you hate! There are loads of great classes, sports, gyms and personal training styles out there and you WILL find that fit-spiration that you’re looking for so go ahead and try something new.   Why not join and try unlimited pools, classes and gyms at no extra cost?

Of course, sometimes you have questions that you can’t find an obvious answer to and if this is the case then you can email me, Kirsty, and join in the Live Active Leisure Virtual Surgery. You don’t need to be a LAL customer to take part; I’ll be happy to answer all of your fitness related queries.  From what to wear to when to train, you can ask anything at all; drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and check out next week’s blog (Friday 20th )at www.liveactive.co.uk on for answers and tips.

Remember folks; small changes can lead to great new habits.  So #LetsDoItTogether and I'll see you in class!

Stay focused,