Much like all of you out there, here at Live Active we've compiled a list of New Year resolutions.  Personal goals, team objectives and company wide aims to ensure we keep focused in delivering the very best value for your fitness money. We are delighted to announce, therefore, that you’re currently enjoying the first completed objective from the marketing team - ‘launch new blog’ is ticked off the list! Always keen to embrace technology – and following the runaway success of our 50 Years documentary - we decided it was time we put our fantastic Live Active people in front of the camera.

Kicking things off for January is the powerhouse that is Kirsty McDuff! Kirsty is an instructor in Perth and teaches classes at Live Active Rodney, Bells Sports Centre and North Inch Community Campus. She has been with the company since completing her degree in Sports Science almost 6 years ago and so knows only too well how it feels to take your first steps in fitness with Live Active Leisure!

So, if like us you’ve set yourself some New Year goals then click onto Kirsty’s vlog to find out how to get started.   Her passion for fitness and boundless enthusiasm is a guaranteed motivator and with an amazing choice of classes and programmes you’ll find a clear, easy path to making those long-term behavioural changes (a LAL membership isn’t just for January you know!) and new, positive habits.  We'll be bringing you an in depth blog next week, January 13th, on each of the following but meanwhile, why not follow the link to get started.

Of course, sometimes you have questions that you can’t find an obvious answer to and if this is the case then you need to email Kirsty at the new Live Active Virtual Surgery. Starting this month, you’ll also find her ready and waiting at the end of an email to answer all of your fitness questions.    Need to know what to wear?  Where to find the right class for you? Then drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and check back here on Friday 20th for answers and tips to all.