Charles Forbes started using Live Active’s facilities back in 2016, after realising he was struggling to get round the golf course because of troubled knees and his weight of 24.6 stone. He started attending the gym at Breadalbane Community Campus and the decision has changed his life. 

It’s never too late to start a healthier lifestyle. In September 2016, on his 67th birthday, Charles Forbes decided that enough was enough and he wanted to lose weight to help him get around the golf course. He made the decision to join Live Active Leisure and started with a training regime at Breadalbane Community Campus. 

“This was my first bash at a diet and fitness,” Charles said, “and since then I’ve been using the facilities at Live Active three times per week.”

Charles first steps into a healthier lifestyle had begun and since the moment he first walked into Breadalbane Community Campus and spoke to Live Active’s staff, he has never looked back.

“Although I’ve never engaged with the personal training side of things, the team are always looking after me,” he said.

“They push me on and encourage me, and this happens from the moment I walk up to the front desk and carries on in the gym itself.

“I started off on the sit-down bike, walking on the treadmill and using the weight machines and doing some circuit training combining light weights with cardio once a week. This has changed to 40 minutes on the upright bike and 10 minutes on the cross trainer, and now I do my circuit training three times per week.

“I’ve combined this with balanced nutrition and weight management and I have gained more confidence in the gym. At first I liked to go when it was quiet during the activity referral sessions, but now I enjoy getting on the bike and using the free weights anytime!”

Charles managed to shed weight at an astonishing rate thanks to his new fitness regime and diet, and went from weighing 24.6 stone on his 67th birthday to 17.3 stone a year later. He admits that this has changed his life.

“There has been a dramatic difference in my health and fitness over the period since I started training and my energy levels have increased a lot. This has led to me being able to walk at golf for the first time in four years – it’s like chalk and cheese!”