Two years ago there was a study carried out using information from over 80,000 people with an average age of 52; they were each followed for an average of nine years, and any deaths recorded. Researchers looked for links between how long people lived and whether they took part in a sport. The findings showed that racket sports reduced the risk of death by a staggering 47%.

Racket sports include table tennis, short tennis, badminton and squash and depending on just how vigorous a game you play, you could burn up to 500 calories in an hour – and this increases to over 1000 calories for a game of squash!

Classed as an aerobic exercise due to all the running around the court that you’ll enjoy, regular play can help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses including heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.  You’ll also find that stretching to make that shot will help strengthen your muscles and improve co-ordination balance and mobility. 

As well as physical health, the mental wellbeing benefits are also strong and Rachel Newham from the British Lawn Tennis Association explains why:

“Whether you’re picking up a racket for the first time in years or playing at the highest level, tennis is an amazing way to keep active and release endorphins.

“It’s a really social sport which allows you to connect with people and gives you a different kind of focus away from your daily routine. If you’re having a good or bad day, it presents the opportunity to let off some steam while having fun on court.”

For serious players, or for those who’d really like to brush up on their skills, clubs throughout Perth and Kinross offer some great opportunities for play: Glenearn Badminton Club, Saints Table Tennis Club, Perth Squash Club and Bridge of Earn Tennis Club are just some of the options available.  Check out our clubs page for full details >>>

If you’d like to try your hand before committing to a club and some shiny new equipment then you can book into any one of our sportshalls where you’ll find courts and equipment provided for casual use.   Perhaps the most obvious bonus here in Scotland though, is that indoor racket sports offer weather-proof activity – ideal for the coming months less likely to be bathed in glorious sunshine!

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