larfc081January; a time of motivation, energy and resolution.  Across Perth and Kinross there are people from all walks of life promising themselves that 2018 WILL be the year they get fit / run a marathon / use that gym membership to full effect. 

In a YouGov poll last year, resolutions that focused on making changes to enhance and improve lifestyle hit the top three spots as the nation undertook to lose weight (35%), become fitter (33%) and eat more healthily (31%).  However, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions around 63% of us will fail and of those people, 66% will have fallen off the wagon by the end of January!

Ensuring you don’t end up a February failure statistic, is easier than you might think.  The trick is to find something you enjoy and then set a realistic goal – small steps, done consistently will result in far larger gains and you will discover a real sense of achievement as you hit your targets.  This in turn will keep your motivation high, spurring you on to greater things as your fitness levels improve.

Our sports and fitness experts have compiled some handy tips for bringing long term lifestyle changes and resolution success.  Go on, sign up for a membership today and make this YOUR year! #BringItOn

Ask for help

All too often we throw ourselves into these changes without really knowing what to do.  If you’re new to the gym, to classes or to fitness in general then ask at your local venue about an induction or advice on compiling a personal programme. You may also want to look at booking in a short course of Personal Training sessions or joining one of the beginners ‘How To’ classes – including circuits, Body Pump, Kettle Bells and more - at LAL venues across Perth & Kinross.  For the runners, check out liveactive.co.uk for details on Couch to 5K and 5K and Beyond.

Buddy Up

A study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology shows that buddying up makes you more likely to go to the class, gym or running track – it seems that although we might talk ourselves out of it, we won’t want to let down a friend! As well as this you’ll enjoy an increase in your calorie burn up with verbal encouragement -  you can do it! – boosting self-belief and pushing you that little bit further.

Find Your Happy Place

If you hate the gym, no amount of self-belief will keep you there long term so finding your happy place is the real key to success.  There are a huge number of fitness classes, running clubs and sports clubs out there as well as low impact classes and Stride For Life walks for those who have been out of fitness for a long time.  You may need to try a few to find your best fit but ultimately this will ensure regular, enjoyable sessions that will see your heart rate and your confidence soar!

larfc128Set a Goal

Whether it’s to reach 15 minutes on the treadmill or get to the end of the circuits class without stopping, a goal is a sure fire way of staying motivated. Start small and work up to the bigger events such as the fantastic Pitlochry or Perth 10K races, one of the long standing local triathlons or perhaps that marathon in 2019!

Look out for our exciting programme of events launching in Fenruary 2018! From a 10K to a Sprint Tri, we've got your big goals covered. 


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