Hi Everyone,

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Thanks so much to those of you who emailed us with questions around using exercise to improve or maintain your mental health.  Do please remember to ask the LAL team members in your local venue for any additional advice - they're all ready and willing to help!  You can do this either by popping in to chat to reception, by calling or via email.  

We hope to see you in a venue very soon.

Q. I'm apprehensive about going into a leisure centre on my own, how can you help me? 

A. Taking that first step can be daunting but we want you to know that we’re always here when you need us.  We are more than happy to meet you at the front door and take you through an induction of the venue. Call ahead to your preferred venue – or drop us an email to let the reception team know that you’d like a walk round and we’ll ensure someone is ready and waiting for you.

Our staff are really friendly; so go on, take a leap of faith and make that call or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Venue contact details >>>

Q. Sometimes I can't face taking part in group activities what else could I do? 

A. Swimming is a great option here. As well as being an individual sport that doesn’t require a lot of interaction with others, it is also very relaxing and excellent exercise for your overall wellbeing. We have five pools throughout Perthshire and Kinross and you’ll find that there are quieter times specific to each venue – please ask at reception or email your local venue for more info.

We also offer adult swim lessons in some of our venues should you need to brush up on your technique.  www.liveactive.co.uk/activities/adult-swim-lessons

If swimming isn’t your thing then why not book a gym induction or a one to one personal training session? Ask at reception of your local venue about the quieter classes, pool or gym times.  Venue contact details >>>

Q. I find it harder to get motivated in the winter, what can I do to help with motivation?  

Rope in a friend, colleague or family member! It's good for all of you and makes the long dark nights pass quicker.  We’ve also found that choosing classes or activities that take you straight from work to the gym usually have longer-lasting results – that sofa becomes far too tempting if you go home first!  Why not start now so you’re into a routine by winter?  Class Timetables >>>

Q. My friend has told me he is feeling down and he doesn't socialise as much. How can I help him? 

What a great friend you are. Being there and encouraging some gentle exercise is a really positive first step and one that will help your friend feel supported into trying something new.  Going for a walk is a great start and doesn’t need to be too long or too strenuous.  Once you’ve been a few times together he may feel confident enough to try one of our Stride for Life walks? There are now 21 groups in Perthshire and Kinross and everyone is super welcoming.  More here >>>

A game of badminton or tennis is also a great way to do something easy and not too competitive. 

Q. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and as I’m not working, finding the extra money for a membership or classes is difficult.  Do you have any advice?

If you are in receipt of benefits such as ESA or Housing Benefit, you may be eligible for our concession rates on Direct Debit, 30 day or Annual memberships.  A full list of benefits accepted can be viewed online at www.liveactive.co.uk/pay-and-play.  You will also be entitled to a free Live Active Card which gives you discounts on all pay-and-play activities; starting at only £2.20 for a sportshall activity or £2.40 for a swim.

You may also be entitled to join our Activity Referral programme which provides a 12 week programme, tailored to your specific needs.  Our Activity Referral classes support you in your efforts to become more active by providing physical activity opportunities to allow you to work towards long term changes in your overall wellbeing.  During all of these classes an approachable and qualified instructor will be available to offer guidance and motivation.  If you think this is for you, then please speak to your GP or Health Practitioner for a referral.  MORE >>>