As I type, our teams across Perth and Kinross are busy filling sanitiser stations and wiping down rowing machines for your return to our venues on Monday 26th April. We're all beyond excited to be opening the doors and welcoming you back in – it has been far, far too long!

We know you’re all desperate to get back into a proper routine and that you’ll be looking forward to seeing your fitness families and favourite instructors. And as much as we’ve enjoyed the At Home Hub – thank you to all of our fab instructors for being such great ambassadors for lockdown fitness – nothing beats stepping through the doors of a gym and into the place where the magic happens!

The big question is – what do we all want in this new fitness normal?

It’s fair to say that the winter lockdown was much tougher than the summer one and while many of you found a way to keep your fitness going others were dealing with different challenges that made keeping up really hard.

And let’s not even talk about the sourdough bread, wine at 4pm and double choc chip brownies situation!

It got us to thinking that regardless of where you feel you are on the fitness scale right now - whether you're starting again, starting back, or starting from scratch – you probably want some good old-fashioned LAL inspiration to get your head back in the game.

It’s about feeling inspired by that rush of motivation that comes from reaching a small goal; or hearing how well we’re doing just because we pushed ourselves to turn up! And how much are you looking forward to that inspirational buzz that comes from feeling strong and healthy as the gains begin to take shape. Bring. It. On!


1. Download Kirsty’s 6-week gym programme to help you kick start your post-lockdown fitness journey. 6WeekProgrammeKeeping you focused and mindful of easing into things, this is a great programme for complete beginners or those hoping to build up to pre-lockdown levels.

2. Make sure you’re signed up to the LAL newsletter which is full of news, tips, and tricks to keep you feeling on top of your goals.

3. Book a few sessions in advance to keep you looking forward. Members have a fourteen day booking window, and for everyone else it’s seven days.

4. Why not send in a photo for our social media? We love to hear from our customers and once you’re cheered on by total strangers, you’ll feel like you can take on the world! Tag your posts #WeLiveActive or email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. Kickstart your membership – if you were a member before we locked down, we will do this automatically for you.


 Don't worry if you are not ready to come back you can choose to keep your membership frozen. If you’re new, or if you had taken a break in your membership, then get in touch and we can sign you up.


Now you know we don’t like to kill a buzz – we’re usually the ringleaders in creating it - but after the winter of a thousand months our bodies aren’t quite up to our pre-lockdown levels. We called on our trusty instructors to come up with some tips to help avoid injury and to maximise your workout.

1. Warm up thoroughly - Always important, but even more so if you've been moving less in lock down. We recommend you check out Mark's Warm Up video here.

2. Leave the ego at home - You might have been bench pressing a PB before lockdown but take a few kg off for your return. Build up gradually and check your form. It's much better to get your form back on track and means you'll be smashing those PBs again in no time!

3. Ask for help - It's been a while since you've used the equipment, or maybe you're a complete beginner. Just ask a member of staff for a demonstration or get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get some tips on the best options for you.

4. Cool down - As with the warm up, this will help minimise injury and that post workout burn Mark also has an awesome Cool Down video to try.

5. Give yourself a pat on the back - Getting yourself back to the gym after lockdown (and off that big comfy, spongy sofa) is a pretty amazing achievement, well done you! Now, are you booked for your next session...? Book here.