Short Tennis is often considered to be a children's game but actually, it is a terrific way for adults to keep fit and get in some of those weekly active minutes.  The pace is a bit slower - no Andy Murray fast balls coming at you! - which means that beginners and those looking to perfect their echnique and build confidence can do so a little easier. as well as this, the courts are smaller so you don't need to run as far, and the balls tend to be soft so no bruising from high speed serves! 

The great thing is, that although you're playing a less energetic game than traditional tennis, you’ll still benefit from the boost to your cardio, co-ordination and agility and because it’s a low impact sport, anyone can take part. 

This also makes it perfect for cross-generational sports fun.  Grandparents, parents and kids can all play together, nurturing a love of sports and building up a little in-family competition - great fun and so much better than another screen game!

If you're just starting out then we recommend you find an opponent at the same level as you so you can enjoy longer rallies, giving you a chance to build confidence and stamina.  You can book a court for an hour at any of out sportshall venues - all equipment is provided so you simply need yourself, a bottle of water and the willingness to give it your all! 


  • Improves agility and co-ordination
  • Good cardio from all the moving around
  • Burns up to 500 calories a match
  • Great mental boost as it includes socialising and endorphins 

You can play Tennis or Short Tennis at any Live Active Leisure sports hall.  Check out prices options here>>>

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