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We are delighted to announce a new partnership project between PKC and Live Active Leisure (LAL). The Active Under 10s £50k project is a one year pilot scheme, funded by PKC and led by LAL, which aims to provide additional opportunities for children under 10 to get active.

Physical Activity is recognised as providing several benefits to health and wellbeing across the life stages. It is recommended that children have at least an hour of physical activity per day. Physical activity is about getting people moving. Walking, playing in the park, going to the gym, playing sport, cycling or training for the Olympics all involve being physically active. The number of obese and overweight children are increasing throughout Scotland and this will have an impact on their health and wellbeing in later life and on the wider social and economic pressures of the communities they live in.

Research has shown that developing basic movement and gross motor skills from a young age has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of children, as well as helping to support their wider learning and achievement and build good habits for an ongoing active lifestyle.  The Active Under 10s project addresses these needs by working with children who are currently not engaging in physical activity or could benefit from additional opportunities.

By targeting communities, nurseries and schools where traditionally there are fewer chances to participate or where there is additional support required to improve educational attainment, the project will build confidence in parents, carers and staff to better enable them to deliver fun, structured sessions to the children in their care.

Stuart Younie, Business Development and Programming Manager for LAL, commented, “This fantastic project is a great example of partnership work for the greater good of our community. The gap in provision was identified by education and healthcare providers and together we have begun work with children at different age stages to ensure that we spread the impact and benefits of the project far and wide.”

The project officially started at the beginning of the academic year when LAL recruited 3 Modern Apprentices who have been working through a leadership and coaching programme to help deliver the main part of the project.   They are supported by LAL’s Active Schools and Wellbeing teams and have been delivering sessions with local schools and groups since the October holidays.

Mr Younie continued, “The initial response has been extremely positive with both parents and children enjoying the sessions.”

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