We are delighted to announce an energy consumption decrease of 5% over the past 24 months, bringing a cost saving of approximately £17,000 and reducing our CO2 emissions by 47 tonnes.  To bring some perspective to this, the total saving of 154,400 kWH, equates to 7 million laptop hours or 1.5 million kettles being boiled!  

The savings follow a concentrated effort by the senior management team to reduce the environmental impact of our venues across Perth and Kinross. 

Following on from this, an Environmental Champions group has been set up to ensure that continued improvements and increased awareness, becomes embedded in the Company’s operational culture and that green policy continues to influence future strategy and procurement decisions.  The group is made up of team members of all levels from across all LAL facilities and services, and is being led by Director of Operational Services, Gary Watson.

Environmental Champions

  • Fraser Reid-Bell's Sports Centre
  • Stephen Souter -Live Active Blairgowrie
  • Kirsteen Ross-Sports Development
  • Graeme Hunter -Head Office
  • Marcin Luszcz-Wellbeing
  • Kelly Parker-Marketing
  • Jordon Leslie-Live Active Loch Leven
  • Hamish Herbet-Live Active Rodney
  • Davie McLellan-Dewars
  • Becky Farndon-Perth Leisure Pool
  • Gerry Boyle-Catering
  • Emma Ewing-Strathearn Community Campus
  • Laura Sorbie-Breadalbane Community Campus
  • Tammy McKinlay-Active Schools
  • Steven Buttrick-North Inch Community Campus
  • Ian Tervit-Head Office 
  • Gary Watson-Head Office

Mr Watson commented, “The senior management team at Live Active Leisure has had clear targets for environmental savings built into strategy for some time now.  We are all too aware that as the area’s leading operator, spread over 18 venues, we make an impact.

“Key projects targeting energy savings have included a £15,000 investment that saw the replacement of sports hall lighting at Bell’s Sports Centre.  By replacing old halogen bulbs with new LED lighting units that have sensors and settings designed to facilitate additional energy saving, half of the hall can be switched off while the other half is being used, and lights will switch off automatically when no-one is in the hall.

“From here, we have scrutinised all areas of the company for green opportunities, we realised that there were a number of basics – things like turning lights off and making sure dripping taps are fixed quickly - that were being overlooked and forgotten about in the busy day-to-day operations of our sports and fitness venues.”

Focused around Energy savings, waste management, recycling and a back-to-basics initiative, the group will help identify local level opportunities, and will develop an action plan for roll out.  The first of these has already been implemented, which means that printed paper receipts for cashless transactions are no longer produced automatically in LAL venues.

Mr Watson continued, “An effective environmental policy needs ongoing management, and buy in at all levels. By appointing the Environmental Champions our aim is to ensure we have a network of enthusiastic staff who are passionate about our environmental goals.   As well as reintroducing some basic initiatives into venues, the team are also the point of contact within their localities for both staff and customers, and are pro-actively looking for opportunities that can help us reduce our environmental impact.”

LAL saved 154,400 kWhover 2 years  - how far can 1 kWh go?

  • One cycle of your washing machine
  • Having your television turned on for around 3 hours
  • 48 hours of laptop use
  • Using your kettle ten times
  • Using a desktop computer for 4 hours

Live Active Leisure Environmental Policy

Live Active Leisure recognises that its activities impact upon the environment both through its routine internal operations, its infrastructural development, and through its influence and effects on the wider community.

It acknowledges a responsibility for, and a commitment to the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution at all levels. The Company will fully comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.