Unless otherwise stated in Section 11 – Classes of Information, all information contained within our scheme is available from us free of charge where it can be downloaded from our website or where it can be sent to you electronically by email.

We reserve the right to impose charges for providing information in paper copy or on computer disc. Charges will reflect the actual costs of reproduction and postage to the authority, as set out below.

In the event that a charge is to be levied, you will be advised of the charge and how it has been calculated.

Information will not be provided to you until payment has been received.

Reproduction Costs:

Where charges are applied, photocopied information will be charged at a standard rate of 10p per A4 side of paper (black and white copy) and 30p per A4 side of paper (colour copy).  Computer discs will be charged at the rate of £1.00 per CD-Rom.

Postage Costs:

We will pass on postage charges to the requester at the cost to the authority of sending the information by first class post.

There are also a small number of pre-printed publications for which Live Active Leisure makes a charge. The charges for these are listed in the classes. These documents include Annual Accounts and Business Strategy.

These publications will be charged at the cover price, plus actual postage costs, as charged by the Royal Mail. The cover price will not exceed the cost, per copy, of having the documents printed.
Details of any individual charges which differ from the above charging policy are provided within Section 11 – Classes of Information.