What is Home Portal?

Home Portal is our customer friendly website that links to our swimming lesson management system allowing our customers to view the most recent progress of their child within the swimming programme. By simply registering with Home Portal and signing in from the comfort of your own home you can view each of the criteria that your child is learning and how they are developing, giving an overall percentage score for the level. This provides parents with the opportunity to practice some of these skills when they visit the swimming pool outside of the lesson programme

Signing up to Home Portal

To register with Home Portal you will need to have some information ready to ensure that you have access to the correct account. Firstly you will need the ‘Card ID’ of your child’s account. This can be found on any automated email that you have received regarding the swimming lesson programme or you can ask for this at reception Once you have entered the Card ID you will need to answer a few additional questions to confirm that the account is correct. Once this is all complete you will be able to go in and access this information anytime you wish. 

Paying for Swimming Lessons Online

We have now added a new feature to Home Portal which gives parents the ability to avoid the queues at reception by enabling them to pay for the next block of lessons online via their Home Portal account (currently only available at Perth Leisure Pool and Live Active Loch Leven). When logging into Home Portal the number of pre-paid sessions will be displayed in the green box to keep parents notified as the sessions count down. When these pre-paid sessions reach 6, parents will then be able to purchase the next block of 10 sessions by clicking on the ‘Pay’ button and following the instructions.

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