Gymnastics - Holiday Camps

Our holiday programme offers many varied activities alongside the more traditional gymnastics camps and are extremely popular. We believe that children should be taught gymnastics in a positive learning environment and we aim to ensure that all those attending will have fun and learn through progressive sessions lead by our experienced BG qualified coaches. 

Recreational Gymnastics Camps
Catering for all levels; whether you are a complete beginner learning the basics or a regular who wants to develop their skills.  Great fun and the perfect holiday activity!    

Development Gymnastics Camps
Invitation only camp for those who attend our development term time sessions focusing on technique and reinforcing on what they learn in class. Gymnasts who attend this camp will see a noticeable difference in their gymnastics, experiencing new challenges and learning new skills.  

Family Fun Gymnastics
Families can enjoy swinging from bars, jumping along our awesome air track, balancing on beams and have fun on the tumble track as well as taking part in some fun challenges set by the coaches along the way!

Tumble Camps
Three super fun action-packed areas - Trampoline, Tumble and Acrobatics! Come along and Jump, Flip, Spin, Twist, Tumble, Somersault and maybe even FLY!

Back Flip Workshops
Everyone wants to learn to do a backflip!  Work with our experienced coaches on progressions towards achieving a backflip.  Whether you are just learning or want to improve your technique – this is the class for you! 

Mini Ninja Warrior
If your child has ever wanted a “taste” of what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior and to be challenged by some of the obstacles similar that they have seen in the TV show, then this is the camp for them!

Family Ninja Warrior
Our family sessions ensure no one misses out on the Ninja fun! For those aged 3+ years, families can race against each other to see who the ultimate Ninja Family is! 

Trampoline Camp
Experience the thrill of bouncing higher than ever before as our camp helps you build your strength, skills and confidence.