Les Mills BodyCombat

BodyCombat | Feel The Crunch Effect, Live!

When it comes to the classes that are best experienced live, BodyCombat is right up there! This is an energy-packed mix of martial arts moves set to a fantastic soundtrack and delivered by some of area’s most motivational instructors.  If you’ve not had Kirsty shout at you to get your knees higher, are you even training?!BodyCombat1

The essence of this great class comes from the ancient practice of martial arts, and it features moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu.  Don’t worry if your idea of a black belt is a killer accessory for a smoking hot jumpsuit, you don’t need any martial arts experience – we’ll teach you all you need to know!

During the warmup you’ll be coached through all the different movements by our Les Mills trained instructors, when you can expect to power through an invigorating series of hooks, jabs and uppercuts, as well as plenty of kicks and high knees too. You’ll also benefit from functional training moves such as lunges, squats and push ups.

Not only is BodyCombat a calorie killer, it’s also a full-body workout. Research shows that, compared to the common crunch, moves such as front kicks and fast alternating jabs are superior – and the core training you get during a BodyCombat workout is equivalent to an incredible 1700 crunches!

Book into a BodyCombat class today and prepare to aim for fit, fast and strong – and to leave feeling like your fiercest self!   

Try this taster 30-minute video and then book your class with LAL for the full LIVE experience.


Key benefits of BodyCombat:

Build upper & Lower Body Strength Experience incredible core training Increase cardio fitness

Tones arms, back, shoulders & legs Burn up to 740 calories in 55 mins

How does BodyCombat work?

Featuring a scientifically-backed combo of some of the most empowering and effective martial arts moves, BodyCombat is based on the science of Cardio Peak Training which involves maintaining your heart rate at an aerobic training base (between 60 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate) with interspersed peaks of intensity (pushing you to 85 to 90 per cent of your max).

This blend of steady-state and high-intensity builds cardio endurance, which drives the transformative fat-burning effects associated with high-intensity interval training. The addition of motivating instructors and amazing music is what pushes you to your true training potential.

Reactive Core Training: BodyCombat2

Reactive core training is what happens when you exploit your body’s muscle wiring and natural reflexes by doing movements that force your core muscles to automatically respond as they’re meant to. Jabs and kicks are great examples of reactive core training. This type of training unlocks your functional core strength – and that’s the core strength that you need for everyday life.

Dr. Jinger Gottschall at Penn State University engaged a group of 20 exercisers, leading them through sets of crunches, punches and kicks while they were hooked up to an EMG machine. 

Each of the participants then performed all of the moves from a 55-minute BODYCOMBAT workout and the activation levels from specific moves were measured against their activation levels achieved during a crunch. In every comparison core muscle activation was a lot higher during moves such as jabs, kicks and high knees than they were in crunches.

·       Double front kicks result in 2.3 times the core activation of a crunch.

·       Fast alternating jabs create 1.6 times the core activation of a crunch.

·       In one 55-minute BODYCOMBAT workout you’ll power through the equivalent of 1700 crunches!

BodyCombat FAQs:

How fit do you need to be to take part in BodyCombat?

As with all Les Mills classes, BodyCombat offers options to suit every ability and your class instructor will coach you through all the moves. When you’re just starting out it’s a good idea to just do the first three or four tracks of the workout. And remember, it might take a few sessions for you to get a feel for it – but you’ll soon be hooked!

How often should you do BodyCombat?

If you want to see quick and amazing results we recommend you do class two or three times a week.  You could also combine a class with a couple of weights-based workouts such as BodyPump.

What do you need for class?

You don’t need any equipment but it’s a good idea to wear supportive shoes and comfortable workout clothes – our top tip is to avoid tight shorts as they can really restrict your moves! You’ll also need a bottle of water and a towel during restrictions.