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We understand that life is hectic and remembering to pay for swimming lessons can be difficult.  By switching to Direct Debit, we are removing the hassle of remembering when payments are due, and offering an easy and convenient way for customers to spread the cost of lessons.  We are also adding great value by including unlimited swimming to support the development of swimming skills out with lesson time.

The Direct Debit comes out on the 1st of every month and costs:

• Children aged 3 - 15 years: £24.50 Live Active Card / £19.50 Concession (includes unlimited swimming)

New customers joining the scheme will be contacted when a place becomes available and instructions on how to sign up will be provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is included within the Swimming Lesson Membership?
The Swimming Lesson Membership includes swimming lessons and unlimited swimming, including swim discos, fun sessions and aqua run sessions.

What are the benefits of paying by monthly Direct Debit?
We want to make paying for our lessons hassle-free for our customers! Monthly direct debit means a more manageable amount to pay each month. You don’t have to remember when payments are due and your child’s space in their class won’t be at risk from payments not being made on time. There’s also no need for us to send payment reminders.

How much is the monthly Direct Debit?

  • Children aged 3 – 15yrs: £24.50 Live Active
  • Children aged 3 – 15yrs: £19.50 Concession

I am new to swimming lessons, how do I join?
Joining is easy. Customers are placed on our waiting list, if a space isn’t available.  Once your place has been confirmed by the swim teacher/venue you will be contacted by phone and provided with instructions on how to set up the Direct Debit.  

Is Direct Debit the only way to pay for lessons?
Yes. We introduced Direct Debit from listening to customer feedback.  Direct Debit allows customers to spread the cost of the lessons.

Can I choose my payment date?
No.  Direct Debit payments are taken on the 1st of every month.

What happens if I change my mind? 
You have the right to cancel your Direct Debit within 14 days of signing up. If you do cancel within this initial 14-day period, any swimming lesson payments incurred by you during that time will be refunded.  No refunds will be provided outwith this period.

I’m going on holiday; can I pay only for the lessons my child will be attending? 
No, unfortunately you are required to pay monthly to guarantee your place and no refunds will be issued for missed lessons due to holidays.

My child is unable to attend due to medical reasons; will I get a refund?
In the event your child is unable to attend their lessons due to medical reasons, please contact your local venue.  Refunds/credits are provided at the venue's discretion. Please view our T&C’s for full details.

What happens if I have insufficient funds on my payment date?
If you are unable to make your Direct Debit payment, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone from the team will be in touch.

I want to stop swimming lessons.  How do I stop my monthly payments and cancel my Direct Debit?
Cancelling your lessons is straightforward. Please complete the following form https://www.liveactive.co.uk/form/66-membership-cancellation-request and our membership team will process this for you. Please note that cancellations should be made prior to the 15th of a month to ensure these are processed before the end of the month.​

My child has completed swimming lessons.  What happens to my Direct Debit?
Once your child has completed Club Ready, they will automatically be removed from the lesson programme.  You will receive and email from us to confirm completion.  We will cancel your Direct Debit, however we also recommend, cancelling the payment at your bank, once confirmation has been received from Live Active Leisure.

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