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LAL People 2018: Charles Forbes


Charles Forbes started using Live Active’s facilities back in 2016, after realising he was struggling to get round the golf course because of troubled knees and his weight of 24.6 stone. He started attending the gym at Breadalbane Community Campus and the decision has changed his life. 

It’s never too la...

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Football Fever - Five A Side


Football fever gripped the world once again during summer 2018 with everyone from young to old glued to their sets, waiting with baited breath to find out if their team was going to make the cut - for everyone who had France in the office sweepie - CONGRATS!


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Exercises For Playing Fives


5-a-side football is the most popular sporting activity in the UK and with courts available in our sportshalls across Perthshire and Kinross we thought we'd give you some top tips on getting in shape.

1. The Warm-Up

Fives is a game that brings many directional changes and fast, intense movements...

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The Rules of Five Aside


We've pulled toegther the rules of Five-A-Side to keep everyone in agreement - perfect for first time players, younger teams and those dodgy adults who always pull out the 'childhood made up but we played it that way for so long we beleive its real' rules!  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions around Five Aside ...

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Racket Sports For Health


Two years ago there was a study carried out using information from over 80,000 people with an average age of 52; they were each followed for an average of nine years, and any deaths recorded. Researchers looked for links between how long people lived and whether they took part in a sport. The fi...

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Table Tennis - How To Play


First things first - Just what is the difference between Table Tennis and Ping Pong?  Well, after much research and many explanations involving how many times the ball bounces, the depth of the paddles and the diameter of the ball we can tell you it's... basically NOTHING.  Ping-pong is the popular na...

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What is Short Tennis?


Short Tennis is often considered to be a children's game but actually, it is a terrific way for adults to keep fit and get in some of those weekly active minutes.  The pace is a bit slower - no Andy Murray fast balls coming at you! - which means that beginners and those looking to perfect their echnique and bui...

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Gary Watson is Director of Operational Services with Live Active Leisure, and is based at head Office as part of the senior management team. 

Gary has worked in the sports and leisure industry for over 30 years, both in the local authority and trust sectors.  His wide and varied career has seen him mana...

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Sam Herd : Live Active Leisure Talented Athlete


At only 23 years old, Sam Herd has been downhill mountain biking for 14 years.  An Abernethy resident, you will often spot him flying down the forest tracks of Perthshire, or training in Bell’s Sports Centre’s Strength and Conditioning Gym.  In his spare time, he is studying for a Sports Science degree with...

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#50ForAReason #17: We Even Help You Shop...

Nicki sets out armed with her Live Active Rewards keyring, to investigate what bargains and deals she can find simply by being a member! I ...

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50 For A Reason #16: Do The Double…Take The Kids!

Live Active Leisure launches their award-winning Pitlochry 10K for 2016 and joins forces with their Perth counterpart to get the kids runnin...

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50 For A Reason #15: We Love To Love You!

This Valentine’s Day Live Active Leisure are offering a little love for any dynamic duo out there; whether you want to sign up with your o...

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50 For A Reason #14: We Like To Start Them Early!

Nicki takes a look at the fab, fun range of activities we have on offer for your wee ones and find’s out why Active Steps is such an impor...

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50 For A Reason #13: Working With Communities

As a local fitness and leisure trust, it is a key priority of LAL to get out and about chatting to the people in our community and engaging ...

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50 For A Reason #12: Jim Comes Full Circle!

Nicki catches up with Jim Fergusson, one of our activity referral clients and a founding influence in the Letham Centre, now known as Live A...

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50 For A Reason #11: Nicki Signs on for MaxFit

Nicki has signed on for the new MaxFit membership and has already reaped the rewards of steaming out those festive indulgences! Happy New Y...

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50 For A Reason #10: The Big Staff Development Day

As the big staff development day approaches, Nicki catches up with Diane Gaffney, our HR Manager to chat about Our People. Many years ago, ...

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#50 For A Reason #9: Helping You On Your Bike

Picture a bright, dry day (if you can!) and one of the things many of you will now have in your mind’s eye is a carefree bike ride, perhap...

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50 For A Reason #8: We’re Walking Right By Your Side

Nicki chats to Colin Melville about the winter Stride For Life Walks and chats about why somethings as simple as walking can make a big diff...

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