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Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps into fitness, or a seasoned professional training for that next personal best, we have a gym to suit you.

Fitness Gyms - These include a variety of cardiovascular and resistance equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, leg press plus much more. Some of our Fitness Gyms also include a weights room or dedicated space with things like free weights and half racks. 

Strength and Conditioning Gyms - You'll find equipment like half racks, dumbbells, free weights, kettlebells, plyo boxes and battle ropes plus much more. Available at Bell's Sports Centre, Strathearn Community Campus and Live Active Atholl.

Gym Inductions - We care about your safety and require you to complete a gym induction before you start using our facilities. Both Fitness and Strength & Conditioning Gyms require seperate inductions which must be booked in advance at the relevant venue (see below). Gym inductions are by appointment and are available as 1-to-1,1-to-2 or in a small group sessions.

Live Active Loch Leven

To book your induction please contact the venue directly, contact details here.

Loch Leven Community Campus

To book your induction please contact the venue directly, contact details here.

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